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Visual data represents podcast audience demographics

Columbus, Ohio, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As part of Blubry’s ongoing efforts to provide user-friendly podcasting tools and services, Blubry has released new visual audience survey results to reflect updated questions and answers from the audience survey. Any podcaster can share Blubrry’s short survey with their global audience for direct feedback and demographics.

In this industry, personalized and demographic data is widely used for podcast monetization, marketing efforts, and promoting a stronger core audience. All the data received is placed in various tables and graphs that facilitate the understanding and interpretation of the results.

Podcasters can share their survey link anywhere with their audience to receive direct feedback. Additionally, the survey includes a comments section that allows the podcast host to publicly share their comment on Twitter if the respondent approves of this option.

The results are part of a large-scale change to Blubrry’s user interface; taking raw data and publishing it in a more useful way. “Giving our podcasters a visual representation of the data we collect, in a way that they can quickly understand and use to make informed decisions about their content, is our primary goal,” said Todd CochraneBlubrry CEO.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting Customers make the most of the results of the audience survey: they will be able to compare and see the links with their podcast statistics, especially the Impactful Play data and retention graph. Any Blubrry user can use the audience survey, but standard stats users get visual results and free stats users get CSV data.

To learn more about Blubrry’s audience surveys and new results section, read here.

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